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The CF-2 Cool Cat Fuzz V2 Pedal from Danelectro is an update to the original Cool Cat Fuzz, which is an affordable stompbox for guitar that packs an array of touch-sensitive fuzz tones into a small package. Updated features in this version include an input sensitivity trim pot, which allows you to determine what the minimum fuzz setting should sound like, and a 3-postion DIP switch, which allows you to add LEDs to the Fuzz circuit for additional compression, sustain, and clipping. Both of these controls are located "Under the Hood" and are easily accessible inside the battery compartment. The pedal can be powered by a 9V battery or by an optional power supply.

  • Fuzz: Controls the amount of fuzz from minimum (fully counter-clockwise) to maximum (fully clockwise). Higher settings increase fuzz distortion and volume, as well as thickening the tone. This control is modified by the “Under the Hood” Input Sensitivity control
  • Treble / Bass: Adjusts the frequency extremes of the fuzz sound. The two controls are stacked; the inner control is for Treble, the outer for Bass. At their minimum (fully counter-clockwise) setting, the selected range will be cut. At their maximum (fully clockwise), the selected range will be boosted
  • Volume: Controls the overall volume of the pedal when the fuzz is activated, from minimum (fully counter-clockwise) to maximum (fully clockwise)
  • Bypass: The true bypass footswitch engages and disengages the pedal
  • “Under the Hood” Controls: (Accessible in the battery compartment)
    • Input Sensitivity: This trim pot (adjustable with a small Phillips head screwdriver) adjusts the level of signal from your guitar that goes into the Fuzz circuitry, from minimum (fully counter-clockwise) to maximum (fully clockwise). Use it to fine-tune your guitar and the CF-2 Fuzz, or to determine what you want the CF-2 to sound like at its minimum Fuzz setting. Turn the Input Sensitivity down for guitars with a hot output, and up for guitars with a low output.
    • Notice that the behavior of the Fuzz control is affected by the Input Sensitivity setting: Higher Input Sensitivity settings make the pedal more distorted for a given Fuzz setting. This means you can also use Input Sensitivity as an additional gain stage, for extreme amounts of Fuzz. Experiment with setting a high Input Sensitivity setting using a hot guitar, or a low Input Sensitivity setting for a low output guitar
    • 3-Position DIP Switch: The 3-position DIP switch allows you to add LEDs to the Fuzz circuit. The basic effect will be like using a compressor; dynamic range will be constricted, which results in more sustain. Overall volume will also be reduced, so you will need to adjust the pedal’s Volume control
      • DIP Switch #1 (Two Red LEDs): This switch will give a high amount of clipping with lots of sustain. There will also be a noticeable drop in volume, so adjust the Volume control accordingly.
      • DIP Switch #2 (Four Green LEDs): Activating this switch will give a low amount of clipping and a slight increase in sustain. With this setting, the pedal retains more of its basic character than with the other 2 DIP switches.
      • DIP Switch #3 (Two Green LEDs): Like #1: High amount of clamping, lots of sustain, but with a brighter tone

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